Yachting sector: Udine as Lead Partner of the European project “iBlue”

Initiative involving Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain. Co-financed by Bruxelles with € 1.9 million.

Improve the competitiveness of the yachting sector in the Mediterranean according to the principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability. It is the objective of the European research project "iBLUE", co-ordinated by the University of Udine and co-financed with approximately EUR 1.9 million from the European Union under the Interreg Med project. A consortium of 10 European partners - including small and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions and universities - of nine countries: Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain will work on this project for three years with a total budget of around € 2.252.000.

"IBLUE", an acronym for "Investing in Sustainable Blue Growth and Competitiveness through 3-Pillar Business", will engage the Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture and the Department of Economics and Statistics Science of University of Udine.

The project will work on three counts: Sustainable innovation - in the economic, social and environmental fields - of business models (organizational and strategic solutions for the enterprise to gain competitive advantage) of the players in the yachting sector; the establishment of a transnational network in the countries involved in the project; the creation and dissemination of a critical mass of knowledge relating to the yachting industry.

A pool of research organizations and public institutions of the nine countries engaged in the project will work in order to achieve the goals, considering also case-studies of successful measures carried out in this industry.

"The project's results - explains Alberto De Toni, the project's scientific director, president of the University of Udine - will be spread across the whole local area and the Mediterranean area in order to raise awareness and to support policy makers in the definition of guidelines to ensure sustainability and innovation in the yachting sector in environmental, economic and social terms."