"We are MED" gathers in Sevilla (Spain)

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The overall ambition of this second encounter of the Med Communities is to deliver focused messages to policy level, hence influencing future perspectives and planning actions both at transnational and national levels.

As 2020 is fast approaching, the objective is to showcase the early successes and experiences of the current implementing period, in a way that will feed the preparation of further cooperation schemes.

Discussions on the future of Interreg programmes continue to gain momentum, and by the time of Interreg Med's mid-term event, clear positions will emerge – it is therefore time to show “the power of Interreg” as the best example of cooperation between European territories and people, with a Mediterranean flavour.

In a political context where countries and regions are tempted to pull apart, which makes the spirit and action of territorial cooperation even more important than ever!

From a cohesion perspective, there is a clear expectation for programmes and projects to work together (in order to ensure their future and durability). Interreg Med is at the forefront of capitalisation, pioneering a new approach combining strategic governance and concrete impact on the territories, and this event will be a chance to reveal what the programme has achieved so far, as a sustainable response to Mediterranean challenges.

Objectives of the event:

  • The main purpose: give a concrete meaning to capitalisation;
  • Showcase project results from a thematic community perspective;
  • Give a real-time assessment of MED Programme architecture;
  • Welcome new projects to the MED family;
  • Encourage integration with other programmes;
  • Reinforce our message at policy level.