"We are MED" - All Med Communities gathered in Alicante (Spain) for enhanced synergies

The eight Interreg MED thematic communities of projects started to work together, following the approval of the 1st call for projects in 2016. Apart from working within each thematic community, it was of most important to induce synergies and transversal cross debates between them right from the start, by creating joint work dynamics and a sense of belonging to the Interreg MED Community of stakeholders.

The key point of the event was to emphasise/highlight/showcase the inherent knowledge of each thematic community, in order for them to acquire a greater degree of self awareness and certainty on methodologies and aims by sharing practices.

The event also kicked off the capitalisation process that will be highlighted later in the mid-term transnational event. This will be reached through mutual learning among the thematic communities of projects and by extracting and harvesting common ideas, tools and methods which will improve the results of the Programme.

This fruitful interaction shall lead the Programme to an improved transfer of results and consolidation of the capitalisation process, thus reinforcing the outreach and the impact of the Programme in its territories.

By April 2018, in one-year time, all Programme stakeholders will meet again to discuss and to showcase their mid-term results, having in mind a macro-regional perspective.

By then, the mid-term evaluation of the Programme and the first modular project results will be available. These results will have to be presented in a harmonised way between each project in order to avoid overlapping and to identify potential cross-cutting thematics. The on-going projects will continue their activity in this sense taking into account the previous results whenever possible.

The thematic community event is therefore the best occasion to start building the basis for this joint process and to identify transversal themes in addition to bringing together projects from different thematics.

Objectives of the event:

  • The main purpose: enhance the capitalisation process of the upcoming April 2018 mid- term trans-national event;
  • Present and share plans and ideas;
  • dentify synergies between projects belonging to different thematics and further develop them; identify potential links with internal and/or external platforms.