As the Blue Growth Community project is currently focusing on the transfer of tools and methodologies on Marine Renewable Energy (MRE), the project is carrying out several meetings and events in order to present and capitalise the results/tools and methodologies on blue energy, developed by the MED Blue Growth projects.

On 22nd of April the first part of the Transfer-Training Event on Marine Renewable Energy, jointly organized by the Blue Growth Community and the Blue Deal project, took place in an online format. The digital event gathered virtually 45 participants and 5 Mediterranean regions (Attica and Crete from Greece, Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio from Italy) which are interested in replicating in their territories the methodologies on Blue Energy developed by the Blue Deal project.

The event also featured concrete application examples from the Blue Energy Labs events organised in Albania and Crete (Greece). Representatives from each of these places exchanged their experience and explained how this methodology attends their needs and contributes to the development of blue energy in their territory, with the aim to better display to the Mediterranean regions the benefits of replicating this methodology in their territories. The next Blue Energy Labs will take place in Croatia and Cyprus in the following months.

Also, the leader of the Blue Deal project Simone Bastianoni, explained that the Blue Deal project aims to establish 9 regional alliances, which the main goal is to have a stakeholder engagement but specially to engage the citizens and civil society, in order to raise awareness about the importance of renewable sources development. The perception of citizens is a key for a greater blue energy performance, therefore the project plans to offer a platform in order to collect citizens' opinions around the Mediterranean area.

The second part of the BGC Transfer-training event on Marine Renewable Energies is foreseen to take place in July 2021.

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