PELAGOS - April 2018

The transmediterranean project PELAGOS (Promoting innovative nEtworks and cLusters for mArine renewable energy synerGies in cOasts and iSlands) is a pilot project funded under the Interreg-MED 2014-2020 program with a total budget of 2.4 million Euros and a total duration of 30 months. The main aim of the project is to increase the transnational activity of networks of the key actors in the Mediterranean Blue Energy sector. The overall objectives of PELAGOS project are to:

  • Design and build a Mediterranean Cluster on Marine Renewable Energy sector;
  • Accelerate the deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (offshore wind turbines, wave energy converters, osmotic systems, tidal current devices, ocean thermal energy conversion technologies) in growing market sectors (sustainable tourism, aquaculture, shipbuilding and repair, marine transport);
  • Promote the internationalization of the Cluster and its members;
  • Stimulate smart and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean.

To do so, PELAGOS has undertaken the following activities:

  • Bringing together all the actors of the Blue Energy value chain through specific support services (capacity building, networking, business growth) as well as via the on-line platform on Blue Energy;
  • Implementation of pilot activities in each of the 6 regional HUBS (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus) and enhancement of the transnational cooperation between them through;
  • Τhe development of the Mediterranean Blue Energy cluster.

The Capacity Building Events on Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer Seminars

In the frame of PELAGOS project, the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research organized the Greek Hub Demonstration Event for Blue Energy Clustering on May 25th, 2017 in Athens. The purpose of this event was to officially launch the Greek Hub and its services, attract more key-actors, if possible, and ensure as well the desired visibility to local stakeholders. The Greek Hub Demonstration Event for Blue Energy Clustering is a key activity within the frame of the PELAGOS project aiming to promote innovation and entrepreneurship skills related to the development of Blue Energy (BE) in the Mediterranean by creating and promoting national networks (Hubs) for BE in 7 Mediterranean countries (Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and establishing a Mediterranean Cluster for the development of synergies in Marine Renewable Energy issues in coastal and insular areas.

The Capacity Building Events on Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer Seminars were organized successfully from HCMR, in 18th of July 2017. Activities in terms of Blue Economy & Entrepreneurship Innovation, University-Industry Technological transfer & Knowledge exchange in Energy & Environment Applications as well as the challenges and best practices of establishing a business/start-up were the main objectives of these seminars. The PELAGOS HUBs work activities have been presented, and the participants declared their interest to participate in the future activities and the value chain of the Hubs. A fruitful environment was established to support SMEs & innovation for MRE sector. 

The 2nd Capacity Building on Markets & MRE Technology Applications organized on 11th of December in Athens by Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Local authority from the prefecture of Crete, representatives from Lloyd's Register South Europe and the Greek successful entrepreneur from Etme Peppas & Associates Ltd. presented their know-how on MRE applications as well as opportunities for Blue Growth. While it took also place a guided visit at the oceanographic infrastructure of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. We thank all the 40 participants for your presence, your valuable comments and we hope that the seminar inspired all the SMEs to their journey on the Open Innovation Pathwa     


Successful seminar on “Capacity Building on Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer” in the framework of PELAGOS Interreg MED Project, Organized by the Cypriot HUB on 12th of December 2017. Special thanks to the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, Enterprise Europe Network and our distinguished speakers!

The Cluster’s Hub demonstration event in Italy                          

The Italian PELAGOS Hub Demonstration Event was launched during the event “Blue Energy: Technological trends and market opportunities for Italian companies” held in Rome, 29th September, and jointly organized by ENEA and Union Camere Veneto. The workshop was organized in a morning session devoted to the presentation of the Interreg-MED programme and of the PELAGOS and InnoBlueGrowth projects, followed by the reviews on the current status of technology development at national level in the sectors of offshore wind (OW) and ocean energy (OE), presented by the two national representatives in the Temporary Working Groups (TWG) of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan). A point was also made on authorization procedures, in the context90 of the Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA). The afternoon session was instead conceived as a pitch event, and it was the occasion for exchanging information among stakeholders, investors, start-ups and enterprises, about the most promising technologies and funding opportunities, both public and private. The 58 participants to the event appreciated the meeting and its objectives. Representatives of SMEs were really interested in the profiling activities, while investors found the pitch event extremely useful, as it gave them the opportunity to better understand the current development of technologies. In particular, private investors need to quantify the risk of their investments and to identify, among available technologies, the most promising ones.

PELAGOS project in SDEWES 2017

PELAGOS project was presented from UNIZAG FSB group during the SDEWES 2017 conference held from 4th-8th October, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The conference gathered more than 560 participants from 61 countries.
Dr T. Soukissian of HCMR was among the invited speakers and his presentation "A holistic approach towards exploitation of Blue Energy in the Mediterranean" included recent and undergoing initiatives/projects as regards development of blue energy in the Mediterranean, including PELAGOS project, at 9th European Seminar OWEMES which took place in Bari, Italy on 11-13 October 2017.

Pelagos Interregmed project participating to #UfM4BlueEconomy,Blue Grow in the Mediterranean Marine Energies a sector which needs considerable investment. The Conference was held on 29th of November 2017, at Naples, Italy.

ENEA and Unioncamere del Veneto, in the context of the Interreg Project - Med PELAGOS organize the Workshop in Rome on April 17th, 2018:"Marine Renewable Energies: Technological progress, perspectives and trends in the clean technologies market". The event is aimed at the "Capacity Building" of the Italian energy sector from the sea and the presentation of the services offered within the PELAGOS project.

The workshop is aimed at companies, the scientific world, administrations and citizens.
PELAGOS project has produced the following deliverable documents:

  • D.3.2.1. EU Blue Energy Cluster Building Methodology
  • D.2.2.5. Newsletter #2
  • D.3.3.1 EU Blue Energy Technologies Portfolio
  • D.3.1.2. Diagnostic Study of the Mediterranean marine energy resources potential
  • D.3.1.3. Existing policy and regulatory status on MED Blue Energy development
  • D.3.1.4. Deployment potential assessment of Blue Energy technologies for MED key maritime industries

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