4Helix+ - New Modular Project

The newly launched Interreg Med project “4Helix+: Empowering the 4 helix of MED maritime clusters through an open source/knowledge sharing and community-based approach in favor of MED blue growth”, which is coordinated by Sviluppo Marche S.r.l. – Marche Region Development Agency, addresses the issue of the great untapped potential of the Blue Growth  in the European regions.

The project intends to improve the gap between the 8 Mediterranean regional maritime clusters on the one hand, and their respective Quadruple Helix on the other (university, industry, government and users), in order to accelerate the transfer of research and innovation results. This is envisaged to be achieved through an open source, knowledge sharing and community-based approach, resulting from cooperation with so-called ‘new innovation agents’ (fab-labs, co-working spaces, creative hubs, etc.) and cultural and creative industries (high-skilled companies, RDI centers, etc.). This cross-sectoral knowledge transfer and cooperation with blue SMEs will be realized by a series of innovative tools, such as Cyber Space and  Innovation Voucher Scheme, as well as numerous project events, such as boot-camps, transnational brokerage event, regional info days...

The Project Kick-off Meeting that will take place in Rome on 16 and 17 April, at the margins of the Med Conference “MADE IN MED – Crafting the Future Mediterranean”, will be an opportunity for an in-depth presentation of the project activities, as well as for a broader reflection on the development prospects of the traditional and emerging productive sectors, directly linked to the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean area.

The project partners will illustrate the first results of the analysis of the territorial contexts involved, with particular reference to the clusters linked to the marine and maritime economy, as well as the opportunities that this territorial cooperation project offers to SMEs that seek to revolutionize their processes, products or services and improve their own competitive strategies, through knowledge sharing and innovation, using the opportunities offered by the Innovation Voucher tool.

The project runs from February 2018 until July 2020, counting on a budget of € 2.193.983,75.