The Blue Growth Community organized its 2nd Advisory Board (on-line event) with a significant on-line participation of the Blue Growth Community members and other major stakeholders


On Monday, 27 July 2020, the Blue Growth Community (BGC) celebrated its 2nd Advisory Board meeting (on-line event) with a high participation -more than 120 registered persons and around 65 permanent attending participants- among the BGC members, MED Blue Growth projects and relevant stakeholders included.


This on-line meeting was the occasion for meeting again with all the Community members -after a long time of confinement and no physical meetings due to the COVID-19 health crisis-, explaining the transferring process towards capitalization of the BGC modular projects’ outputs and the role of the Horizontal Project in this process and, at the same time, highlighting the importance of the “marina-platform”, as an interactive space for working together and a powerful tool for the Advisory Board’s activities.


During the event, CoNISMA, LP of the BGC Horizontal Project, explained the process carried out during these last months, working closely with the Modular Projects’ Lead Partners, in order to get information and understand the main achievements of each project (for instance, many short online bilateral meetings were held during this last period), and then, being ready to present the results that are potentially transferable.


With this aim, the 2nd Advisory Board meeting was the right scenario to present the most relevant outputs for starting the transferring of the MED Blue Growth Modular Projects outputs, check the interest among potential receivers/takers among the BGC’s main stakeholders (and to some extent, the path for a strategic liaising with the potential receivers/takers and the way to support this transfer process), as well as a great opportunity for the consolidation of the Community itself.


The Blue Growth Community partners presented the main results/tools from 5 different modular projects: a) PELAGOS online web platform (presented by NTUA); b) MAESTRALE geodatabase - Webgis (presented by IrRADIARE); c) PROteuS platform  (presented by the University of Montenegro); d) 4Helix+ Cyberspace (presented by Plan Bleu); and e) iBLUE 3-Pillar Business Model methodology 3-PBM (presented by ASCAME). After each presentation, questions were posed to the attending participants about each tool, which were mainly answered in real time through the ZOOM’s chat. This “online brainstorming” offered many positive ideas and contributions, especially to the transferring process. .


At the end of the online meeting, CPMR, partner of the BGC Horizontal Project, explained in detail the next steps of the transferring process and what is expected from the Advisory Board’s members. In particular, CPMR announced the up-coming creation of thematic “working groups”, where the Advisory Board’s members are expected to contribute to the transferring process and to the identification of potential takers interested in replicating the results (the ones presented, as well as future ones). 


Finally, the 2nd Advisory Board meeting, as a community building event, was also the opportunity to present the project’s “Experts Library” (, as a mechanism to foster the interaction among all Blue Growth Community members. This “Experts Library” is born with the intention not only to give visibility to the Blue Growth thematic experts but also to encourage knowledge sharing and networking in the Med area.



The Blue Growth Project counts with a 1,470.588 € funding (of which €1,2M of EU co-funding) in the framework of the transnational cooperation programme Interreg Med.


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