iBLUE PROJECT - "Mid-Term Conference”

The iBLUE Project “Investing in sustainable blue growth and competitiveness through 3-Pillar Business Model” is an Interreg Med project involving 9 countries across the Mediterranean area. The project lasts 36 months and its partnership includes both academic and non-academic partners (i.e., chambers of commerce). During the MedaWeek in Barcelona, Lucia Cicero, as member of the scientific staff, presented the project on behalf of the Project Manager, Elisabetta Ocello (University of Udine, Italy). The project has already accomplished with the studying phase, in which several activities were conducted by the partners. Among them, it is worth to point out: the literature review on sustainable business model, the collection of best practices, the creation of a database of yachting SMEs, the system of sustainability indicators, the definition of a methodology and a collection of 54 case studies (6 per partners). The current phase is referred to the test phase of the methodology, with both refinement of the methods and pilot actions in yachting SMEs. Thus, next months will see the joint commitment of the partnership aimed at involving SMEs in the active implementation of the methodology and at designing transferring actions addressed to several actors, such as policy makers and other relevant stakeholders of yachting industry.

Lucia Cicero, Scientific Staff, University of Udine.

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