The Green Growth Community joins forces with the Blue Growth Community to discuss the “Transition towards Blue and Green Economies in the Mediterranean”

Green and Blue Growth communities will jointly host their final event on 19-20 September 2019, in Brussels, aiming to raise awareness on how the integration of both Blue and Green economies can support a more innovative sustainable development of the Mediterranean.
The first day will address the role of territorial cooperation for sustainable development, as well as business innovation, access to finance, education to sustainability, and policy-making for bluer and greener economies. This event aims to reflect on regional smart specialization strategies and on how sustainability is fostered though Mediterranean clusters.
During its second day, both communities present the opportunity to address inherent issues in a more sectoral way linked to the blue economy on the one hand, and to the green economy on the other. The Communities will look forward to a better understanding of each other’s results for policy recommendations, sharing their knowledge and good practices as well as networking together.
The event is open to a wide variety of participants and will involve key stakeholders from the European Institutions, the private financial sectors, the academia, NGOs and thematic community projects for a common dialogue.

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