The Blue Growth Community promotes innovative tools from the Blue Economy sector in the Mediterranean

Series of meetings to implement capitalisation process of the BGC's tools.

Throughout February 2021 the Blue Growth Community (BGC), through its partner CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, responsible for the implementation of the Transferring activities of the project – held some informative meetings with several maritime regions from Italy, France, Spain and Greece, in order to identify actors willing to apply mature and already tested tools developed by the Modular projects that are part of the BGC.


During these meetings, the 4 thematic Working Groups that have been/will be created withing the BGC Advisory Board, on Marine renewable energies (already created), on Circular blue economy and financing (launch planned for spring 2021), on Maritime and coastal tourism (to be launched in 2021) and on Maritime surveillance (to be launched in 2021), were presented.


Besides, it was also the opportunity to display the 6 innovative tools, in order to promoted their replication and reflect on capitalisation and lobbying actions. These tools are:

  1. Blue Energy planning for Blue Strategies;
  2. Methodologies for knowledge sharing, educational and training activities on blue energy;
  3. Blue Energy Transnational Cluster in Med;
  4. Platforms for Blue energy projects' implementation;
  5. Blue Energy funding schemes;
  6. Blue Business Model.

These meetings were the opportunity to specify the existing needs in the regions and how the tools can be key to address them. The informative meetings tool place between 8 and 11 of February 2021 and were held in different languages. They gathered private sector bodies and a great number of maritime regions, such as:

  • Italy: Calabria, Emilia-Romagna & Lazio
  • Spain: Balearic Islands, Catalonia & Valencia
  • France: Cosica, South and Occitanie
  • Greece: Crete, East Macedonia and Thrace; Ionian Islands & Attica region.


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