Kotor, June 8th 2021

 “Maritime projects and perspectives in Montenegro in the context of Blue Growth”


The Interreg MED Blue Growth Horizontal Project, through its partner, University of Montenegro, Institute of Marine Biology (UoM) will participate in the “European Maritime Day in my Country”. UoM will organize a hybrid event entitled: “Maritime projects and perspectives in Montenegro in the context of Blue Growth”.

This hybrid event is addressed to the public sector (Ministries, Local and Regional Authorities), as well as to stakeholders from several blue sectors, i.e., fishing & aquaculture, biotechnology, tourism, maritime surveillance, ports, etc.

Montenegrin partners from the Interreg MED Blue Growth Community will present their main goals and their projects’ achieved results. Projects from the Interreg IPA CBC program and the Bilateral project on maritime issues will be also presented, in order to exchange tools and best practices produced by their consortiums. This will be a good opportunity to strengthen contacts within the country regarding the Blue Growth sector and to find the right way in order to capitalize the produced tools, aiming to a sustainable blue growth in the Mediterranean area.  


Key maritime issues, such as the blue economy, circular economy, fisheries & aquaculture, coastal & maritime tourism, sustainable ports, etc., will be addressed from the experience of different project partners, showing innovative tools, as potential solutions.


The hybrid event aims to:


- Strengthen cooperation within the blue growth sector in the country;


- Get acquainted with activities on the topic of blue growth within the Interreg MED program, Interreg IPA CBC program and bilateral programs on the topic of maritime affairs;


- Disseminate knowledge among stakeholders about various aspects of blue growth, developed tools and their advantages in further development;


- Raising awareness of the importance of sustainable development, especially regarding Blue Growth and encouraging the responsible behavior of indivuduals;


- Disseminate the activities and outcomes of the Blue Growth Community projects.



The hybrid event will be held both online and in physical presence (at the Institute of Marine Biology, University of Montenegro), on the 8th June 2021, coinciding with the World Oceans Day. This event is one of the 236 events that are organized throughout Europe, but also the only one that is organized in Montenegro, which makes it unique.


Check the agenda here.


For more information, please contact medbluegrowth@remove-this.gmail.com


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