iBLUE Thematic Seminar & Steering Committee Meeting “The impact of the yacht sector in Lasithi Region as a sustainable tourism destination”

Aghios Nikolaos, October, 9th – 10th 2018

Lasithi Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a Thematic Seminar Best Practices on “The impact of the yacht sector in Lasithi Region as a sustainable tourism destination” and a Steering Committee Meeting on 9th – 10th October 2018 in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete. The event was held in the comfortable Lasithi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Meeting Hall.

The first session was opened by the Lasithi CCI local responsible for the iBLUE project, Evangelos Douloufakis, who introduced Thomas Charitakis, President of Lasithi CCI. He welcomed all participants and underlined the importance of iBLUE project results for the local yachting sector.

Following, speakers of the seminar described different aspects of the yacht sector in the Region. In particular, Michalis Vamiedakis, Regional Tourist Advisor, presented the development strategy of the yacht sector in Crete. Then, the Mayor of Aghios Nikolaos, Antonios Zerbos, discussed about the yacht infrastructure in Lasithi prefecture focusing on the role of Aghios Nikolaos Municipal Marina. Michalis Garefalakis, CEO of Aghios Nikolaos Municipal Marina, talked about the educating and training qualified professionals in the reference sector. Then, Dr. Styliani Florou, NTUA School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, considered the importance of the Blue Growth Community and the IBG Horizontal Project. Finally, the iBLUE Project Manager from UNIUD, Elisabetta Ocello, recalled the main characteristics of the iBLUE project (the main goal, the business model and sustainability definitions, the target groups to be involved and the expected results). Then, she presented the first achievements and the activities made so far (in particular, as regards the conclusion of WP3 “Studying”). Lastly, she described briefly the forthcoming steps with respect to the WP4 “Testing” and the WP5 “Transferring”.

At the end, STEPRI partner presented SME best practices in the yacht sector. Then, some time was dedicated to possible questions and relative answers.

During the second session of the event, the Steering Committee Meeting took place. The morning session started with communication and project management activities related to WP1 and WP2. In particular, one recalled the IBG event in Barcelona and the training events planned for 2019. The Project Manager informed the partners with respect to the non-substantial modification proposals for Deliverables 2.2.2 and 2.2.1.

As regards the WP4, the state of the art and working progress of the Deliverables 4.3.1 were presented. The main focus was on the activities related to the presentation of the 3-PBM Methodology for Pilot Actions, the validation through Pilot Actions and Pilot Actions Monitoring and Evaluation.

At the end of the second session, partners were informed about the state of the art of WP5 with respect to the activity of dissemination and training management but also to the validation of the Deliverables 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 and future fulfilments.

Overall, the audience showed great interest in the iBLUE project activities: the participants engaged in active discussion with speakers.