Fifth Thematic Seminar: “iBlue - Good Practices in the Yachting Sector”

Lisbon, September, 18th 2018

RCDI – Development and Innovation Network organised the fifth IBLUE Thematic Seminar, addressing “Good Practices in the Yachting Sector”. The Seminar took place in Lisbon, on 18th September 2018 and had the institutional sponsorship of the Directorate-General for Marine Policy and the Association of Naval Industries, two important stakeholders of the project, in Portugal.

The seminar was initiated with a brief introduction to the IBLUE project by the Lead Partner, University of Udine, represented by Anna Sioni.

The works proceeded with the presentation and discussion of good practices, starting with one example of the Portuguese Public Administration, presented by Conceição Santos, from the Directorate-General for Marine Policy, that introduced the audience to the Satellite-Account for the Sea and the SeaMind information system, two useful tools that provide relevant data for the analysis of the activities of the maritime cluster.

Afterwards, Nadia Preghenella from the University of Udine, presented several interesting cases of good practices of SME of the Mediterranean area, collected in the scope of the IBLUE project, and covering different activities of the yachting sector.

Furthermore, six Portuguese SME shared and discussed their experiences, towards sustainable management solutions, in a round-table chaired by Kelly Fouchy, from Plan Bleu, representing the InnoBlueGrowth project.

The Portuguese companies were APORVELA, ANG-Associação Naval do Guadiana, NAUTIBER, SOPROMAR, SUN CONCEPT and TRIMARINE. These companies cover diverse areas of activity from pleasure ports to ship building, ship repair and maintenance, to service providers, therefore the debate was very fruitful, providing different points of view, over the yachting sector.

The Seminar included also cross-fertilization with two other transnational projects that are currently on-going and can bring useful contributions to the Yachting Sector - CONSORTEX project that was presented by José Ventura de Sousa, from the Association of Naval Industries and the 4HELIX+ project, which was introduced by Fernando Gaspar, from Rede Dinâmica XXI.

Last, but not least, Miguel Domingues, from Directorate-General for Marine Policy presented financing opportunities for innovation and sustainability in the yachting sector, in Portugal.

Finally, the seminar was closed with the presentation of the IBLUE Pilot Action for Business Model Innovation, by Alexandra Mendonça, from RCDI. The pilot action is envisaged to test the IBLUE methodology and to develop a useful tool, to help improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the SME of the yachting sector.

The event was very successful, gathering public authorities, SME and business support organizations that had the opportunity to discuss altogether the pathways for a more sustainable future of the yachting sector.