MAESTRALE is the name of a wind, inspired by that quote of Seneca

MAESTRALE is the name of a wind, inspired by that quote of Seneca: “there is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go”. Accordingly, we navigate in a relatively unknown sea aiming at innovating and tracing new routes. In particular, the project focuses on marine renewable energy to investigate and test solutions for their exploitation in the MED area. Main outcomes achieved concern a knowledge framework on Blue Energy including a survey on available technologies, SWOT analyses, regulations and Blue Energy potentials. Most information is accessible through dedicated geodatabase and website.

MAESTRALE has started participatory processes with local authorities, enterprises, experts and citizens, namely Blue Energy Labs, in 10 partner regions in order to identify and properly design 20 pilot projects. During the next few months, project partners will investigate feasibility and sustainability of innovative solutions, share local experiences for transferring and awareness raising at the transnational level and demonstrate that Blue Energy, coherently with energy potentialities and constraints, can represent an opportunity for business and entrepreneurship.