4helix+ Project

Among the modular projects of IBG, 4helix + aims to stimulate, train and finance innovation in the sectors of blue growth in the Mediterranean (MED). It aims to improve the gap between the eight Mediterranean regional maritime clusters on the one hand and, within the respective four helixes, on the other. The methodology used is community-based, open source and it is based on the sharing of knowledge for which a very important role will be played by cooperation with the so-called "new innovation agents" and cultural and creative industries.

The 4helix + project will improve the transnational innovation process in the traditional and emerging Blue sectors in the eight MED regions, establishing and organizing a cybernetic space, training camps, a transnational mediation event, regional information days and a voucher scheme for innovation . The cybernetic space of the project will allow a matchmaking environment between the MSME / START-UP Blue, on the one hand, and "new innovation agents" (fablabs, co-working spaces, creative hubs, etc.) and cultural and creative industries (highly qualified companies, RDI centers, etc.) on the other.

The 4helix + project will award € 480,000 to at least 48 blue sector projects as part of its innovation voucher scheme. With its transnational partnership network and objectives, the project will contribute to relevant EU macro-regional strategies and innovation policies.

Planned events and project activities:  results of Second Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the 4helix + project met for the second time at the Portuguese project partner in Lisbon on 3-4 July. During the meeting, the partners discussed the planned events and project activities: the 4helix + Blue Bootcamps, the Regional Info Days and the Transbrokerage Event. They also discussed the launch of Expression of Interest for knowledge providers and the preparation of the call for proposal for innovation for companies in the maritime sector.

The whole process will be accompanied by a strong promotional campaign. This will be done to raise awareness of the project's target groups on the opportunities offered by the project itself.

In particular, the campaign will initially focus on attracting Knowledge Providers (namely Cultural and Creative Industries and Non-institutional New Innovation Agents) to join the project in order to promote their "creative innovation" expertise among the MED blue sector Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and start-ups.

Subsequently, the campaign will aim attracting MSMEs, offering them the opportunity to apply for an innovation voucher of up to €10.000, to be used for a Knowledge Provider they select for the implementation of a small creative innovation project within their company.